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Samnak (Ashram) Kong Waet in Ang Tong is a small Dtamnak Ruesi that performs various Yogic and Magical services – Astrological readings, Sak Yant magical tattooing and special magical charms and amulets, such as this Guman Tong.  The Guman has been made according to the Wicha of the Samnak and has sacred powders, Takrut and a Guman effigy inserted into the base of the statue.  Ajarn San Kong Waet – Brahman Sak yant Master of Ang Tong District. He learned his Wicha from his Grandfather, who was a learned Adept in Saiyasart who had inherited Wicha from Luang Por Tuad himself. His teacher was a Sak Yant Master too, which is one of the Wicha which Ajarn San has inherited from his Grandfather. He also recieved Wicha from studies under Luang Phu Hnay of Wat Ban Jaeng in Ayuttaya, and Khmer Master Ajarn Bun, Luang Por Yib (Wat ban Klang). He was given the Wicha from Luang Phu Tammachote of Wat Kaay Ban Rajan Po Gai Dton and Wicha from the lineage of Phu Suea Mahesworn


He authentic Kuman Thong originated in a practice of necromancy. They were obtained from the desiccated fetuses of children who had died whilst still in their mothers’ womb. The witch doctors were said to have the power to invoke these stillborn babies, adopt them as their children, and use them to help them in their endeavours.

According to ancient Thai manuscripts used by practitioners of black magic , first the unborn fetus was surgically removed from the womb of its mother. Then the body of the child would be taken to a cemetery for the conduction of the proper ceremonial ritual to invoke a Kuman Thong. The body was roasted until dry whilst the witch doctor chanted incantations of magical script. Once the rite was completed, the dry-roasted Kuman was painted with Ya Lak (a kind of lacquer used to cover amulets and Takrut with gold leaf) and covered in gold leaf. Thus this effigy received the name of “Kuman Thong”, meaning “Golden Little Boy”.