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WF Buddha Artefact is  well-known in  Facebook for doing  live bidding  for  the rental of Thai Buddhist Amulets which is 100% authentic that were brought in from different parts of Thailand’s temple, we will  accumulate  accurate Information on Thai Buddhist Amulets, Thai Occult Amulets, Buddhist Master Monks and Lay Sorcerers, and a Thai Amulet Blog Section covering a vast selection of Thai Amulets and Thai Buddhism, Thai Occult topics.

Amulet & talisman can be dated all the way back to early civilization. They are believed to bring great luck and protection to the wearer. Thai Amulet is a type of amulet centered around Buddhist philosophy and culture. Oftentimes amulets  will have different Buddhist images including the , Phra Somdej , Phra Pidta ,Phra Sivali, Guman tong ,Khun Phean and images of past famous monks and sometimes even the makers of the Thai Amulet . Thai amulet is usually blessed and consecrated by monks in a Buddhist temple distributed to worshipers and supporters in exchange for donations. These donations are further used towards raising funds and other charity work including school donations, building of hospitals, building of temples, donations given to under privileged people, fund raising for temple and etc… 

In general, Thai amulets  not only bring people faith in Buddhism, but also spread an overall positive energy to the community and people involved.Being a small part in spreading Buddhism and the Thai amulet culture is our passion. We honestly and truly believe in the positive effects Thai amulets bring to each individual and the people around them.Please take some time and browse through our humble collection and feel free to contact us for any inquires. We are all excited for this new beginning and hope we have the opportunity to service you.